By understanding the healing benefits of cannabis for your mind, body, and spirit, along with the unique powers of cannabinoids and terpenes, you’ll be taking your health and wellness into your own hands.

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The consumption of cannabis for health and social purposes is a practice that is thousands of years old. However, most people today still don’t have a safe way to experience the countless benefits of the plant. Gynsyng believes that cannabis education is the key to personal wellness, fulfillment, and empowerment.

Let us be your mentors as you begin this journey. Below, you will find answers to common questions about cannabis. If you have more specific or in-depth questions, our team of budtenders has a wealth of knowledge to help you find your path.

Cannabis 101

We believe that exploring cannabis should be fun, not intimidating. While we encourage you to come to Gynsyng with questions, we understand that trying new things can be a bit nerve wracking. Read some FAQs below to get acquainted with some familiar terms in the cannabis industry.

Before stopping by Gynsyng, please be sure that you are over the age of 21 and have valid government-issued photo identification. If for any reason you are concerned about the effects of cannabis on your health, consider speaking to your doctor before coming in.

Aside from that, Gynsyng welcomes those who have questions about cannabis, especially if it’s your first time in a dispensary! We want everyone to feel welcomed and safe when they walk through our doors, and informed, confident, and relaxed when walking out.

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. When it comes to cannabis, terpenes are what make certain strains smell, taste, and feel different from others. They also offer a range of health benefits, including reducing pain, fighting infections, and relieving anxiety. Visit our menu for detailed terpene information under each product.

While you are likely familiar with THC and CBD, there are a range of other cannabinoids that offer unique benefits. For example, products high in CBN can aid in improved sleep, while CBC has been shown to reduce pain and even potentially reduce inflammation and tumors. Each product on our menu has cannabinoid information, including the percentage of cannabinoids found in each product.

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As you try new strains, cannabinoids, and terpenes, you’ll begin to find which products work for your personal wellness goals. Whether you are looking to use cannabis for sleep, improved mood, or an increased appetite, Gynsyng strives to be a beacon of hope for those looking to heal themselves from the inside out.


Terpenes have the ability to affect our moods. For example, strains high in caryophyllene are more likely to help reduce anxiety, while linalool and limonene can ease symptoms of depression and boost your mood.


By altering the receptors in your body, terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and pinene can help produce ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Other terpenes, such as humulene, have been known to help suppress appetites.


Certain cannabinoids, specifically CBD and CBN, can help you get a restful night’s sleep.


Strains with terpenes like pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene can improve focus and mental clarity, helping you meet your deadlines or finish creative projects.

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The right consumption method for you is largely based on your personal preferences. Luckily, Gynsyng offers a wide range of unique products to try. Our Community Lounge will allow you to learn about strains and consumption techniques and to find the perfect product in a safe and comfortable environment.

As the industry evolves in New Jersey, there are more ways than ever before to consume cannabis. Flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and concentrates are options you can explore if you’re looking to consume through inhalation. If you want to try edibles, you have the option of choosing between lozenges, infused oils, and tinctures. In New Jersey, you can also purchase cannabis topicals to treat physical pain.

As a recreational customer, you can purchase up to 1 ounce of flower per transaction. Keep in mind that different consumption methods require different amounts of flower. For example, a bag of 100mg edibles is equal to one gram of flower, but a one gram vaporizer cartridge is equivalent to seven grams of flower, as it requires more plant by weight to produce the amount of oil in the vape.

The answer to this question varies based on your personal health and goals. There are some obvious answers, like trying to stay away from inhalation methods if you have issues with your lungs or breathing problems. If you are concerned for any reason about the effects that cannabis may have on your health, speak to your doctor before visiting us.

Gynsyng strives to be a safe and welcoming place for you to experience cannabis. Our budtenders will guide you to the right products and be there to support you through your journey every step of the way, so feel free to try something new and find the right product for you.

The state of New Jersey currently does not allow consumption in any dispensary. We will be offering both educational and social events in our community lounge, though.

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